Melissa Steep

Melissa Steep

I’ve worked with some truly amazing individuals over the years, here are their kind-words about working with me:

Melissa recently overhauled our website at AVT.ca, and we are very impressed with the results. Not only did she build the website that we had envisioned, she also brought new ideas to the table, all of which we loved and incorporated into our website. Melissa is well versed in current web design practices, photography, social media, and online marketing strategies, allowing our website to stay current and highly visible on the internet. She presented her ideas in well-written proposals, well-organized spreadsheets, and even created examples for us. This made it easy for us to review and choose our desired outcomes, with a clear scope of the work to be done. All of this was done on time and on budget. Melissa is a pleasure to work with, and we highly recommend her services. We look forward to ongoing work with Melissa.
Mark Corlett, CEO, AVT

I had the pleasure of working with Melissa, as a Marketing Supervisor in Recreation between 2013 – 2014. Melissa is a strong analytical thinker, and visual communicator. She understands the marketing process from issue evaluation to conceptualization, through to delivery and evaluation. Melissa often worked to find background information on target markets, industry trends, and products – organizing her research findings into clear, usable information. When needed, Melissa was able to confidently explain why certain data is useful and offer ideas on the development of marketing campaigns. Even more impressive was Melissa’s instinctive ability to exercise good judgment in manipulating the formal elements of visual communication such as contrast, scale, color, spacing, and typography. Supervising Melissa was an absolute delight. I would be confident in employing her services again in the future.
Hollie Dobson B.Arts Sc. / Gr.Cert. PR, Joseph Brant

Melissa is one of the most creative people I know. Her skill in visual communication is exemplary. She helps the association reflect a positive, credible and professional image.
Tony Di Giovanni, Executive Director Landscape Ontario

In addition to being very creative Melissa is also organized and very efficient managing timelines and critical paths relating to the flow of advertising and publications. Her ability to think outside of the box and drive out creative solutions to the same old, same old ads is very refreshing. Melissa would be a great addition to any team.
Gilles Bouchard, CEM, Vice President – Canada at GES Global Experience Specialists

Melissa Steep and I worked closely together in various capacities on several projects. Her creativity, along with her expertise in advertising and graphic design were an essential component of our work. Melissa’s ability to meet deadlines and budgets, and her skill at acquiring new clients, led to she successful completion of projects and a high level of client satisfaction. She contributed to a positive working environment, creating a culture of collaboration, productivity, and enthusiasm.
Dan Jelly, Owner, Jelly Bros.